Reflex Protect Pocket 1.9oz (MK-3) Presidia Gel with Clip

Reflex Protect


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  • Innovative Technology: Responding to popular demand for Reflex Protect institutional customers, there is now a pocket purse sized Presidia Gel for individual proximate protection anywhere, anytime. 
  • Extreme Stopping Power: 1.9 oz Presidia Gel (CS) incapacitates the attacker upon contact, sprays accurately 12-15 feet, and shoots in a tight stream, virtually eliminating blow-back. Temporary blindness and intense pain within moments of use debilitates the attacker, giving you time to escape and get help.
  • Dissipates Quickly: Presidia Gel has a fast dissipation rate (about 15 minutes), making it ideal for indoor use. The product is not pepper spray. It contains the active ingredient in tear gas (CS) in a special formula that sticks to what it hits.
  • Sticks to Its Target: Due to the “sticky” nature of Presidia Gel, there is little risk of cross-contamination or collateral effect to an innocent person or the surrounding environment.
  • Clean Up: Our cutting-edge Reflex Remove decontaminate neutralizes and begins reversing the effects of Presidia Gel within 2 minutes, compared to the usual 15 minutes it takes for competing products. Post deployment, clean up is easy and fast on both people and surfaces.
  • Training: Basic use training available on our website. Printed instruction manual included. Certified user training available for institutions.
  • Law Enforcement Training: Learn more about using our less-lethal alternatives in the line of duty.

*Product is currently not available for shipment due to state regulations in: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and South Carolina.

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