Protect yourself and 

those you care about.

Revolutionizing non-lethal defense.


Where do you need protection?

Our self-defense products and self-defense training options provide simple, effective, 

non-lethal protection to protect those who matter most:

At Home

Protect your home and your loved ones 

with the best home self-defense product.

At Work

Protect your workplace with the most 

advanced, non-lethal security solution and self-defense training.

For Schools

Protect your students and staff with the most

 advanced, non-lethal security solution and self-defense training.

For Hospitals

Protect your patients and your staff with the most 

advanced, non-lethal security solution and self-defense training.

Reflex Protect is the 

highly effective, 

yet non-violent alternative for violent situations. 

Our revolutionary patented spray head is intuitive and easy to use, 

making Reflex Protect the most effective and accurate non-lethal self-defense product.

Revolutionizing non-lethal defense.

What Our Clients Say

The Reflex Protect® Difference


Patented Reflex™ technology spray head is as intuitive to use as a squirt-gun and extremely accurate, allowing frontline personnel to be their own first responders. Just thumb the safety up, aim for the assailant’s face, and pull the trigger. 


Cutting-edge "Hospital Safe" Presidia Gel™ formula, a new version of the trusted CS agent commonly used in law enforcement and riot control, delivers rapid onset temporary blindness and intense pain, debilitating the attacker until help arrives.


“Hospital Safe” Presidia Gel™ is proven to disable an attacker more rapidly than pepper spray. It sticks to what it hits and self-dissipates, minimizing cross-contamination and unwanted effects on innocents. Revolutionary Reflex Remove™ (pat. pend.) decontaminant then reverses its effects in a fraction of the time previously possible for any chemical agent.

See it in Action

When Seconds Count and the Police are Minutes Away




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