We created Reflex Protect for families, workplaces and communities just like yours.


About Us

Reflex Protect is a safety company that provides a non-lethal self-defense spray and violence response training for use at home and in the workplace. 

We offer a highly effective, yet non-violent alternative for violent situations.  

Meet the Founders

steve mangold

Steve Mangold


joe anderson

Joe Anderson


In 1993, there was a mass shooting which occurred at Joe Anderson's former law firm, Pettit & Martin, at 101 California in San Francisco. Nine people lost their lives, several of whom were friends and former colleagues. Joe was shocked, in a state of disbelief and asking, "why?" 

In the following years, Columbine, Sandy Hook and The Pulse Nightclub all occurred, which then posed the question, what could we do about it? The whole national conversation was focused on guns vs. no guns, when what we really needed to be talking about was the bigger picture of violence and how to respond to it. 

In 2016 Joe Anderson met fellow Montanan Steve Mangold, a lifelong NRA member with a passion to see his patented spray head invention used for non-lethal self-defense. The two found a common reference point in the certain knowledge that threats of violence could be addressed non-violently. 

The result is Reflex Protect, a safety preparedness company dedicated to alleviating unnecessary suffering from violence by providing the most innovative and effective non-lethal products and training for anywhere people live, work, worship, or play.

The Reflex Protect Team

Matt Schaefer


Matt is a U.S. Army vet who has been on the force since 1995. He founded Tactical Defense Training in 1999 for elite instruction to local, state, and federal law enforcement, including SWAT, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State, military, and private security around the globe.

Libby Brunell


A former public school educator – with 15 years as classroom teacher, coach, and building administrator – Libby then joined Cascadia Business Development to bring her team building and operations experience to the small business world.

Ben Gladwin


Ben retired as a decorated police captain and former assistant chief at the University of Montana’s police department, where he had a passion for empowering people to plan, prepare, and respond to critical incidents.

Jessica Adanich 


An alumna of the Cleveland Institute of Art having studied industrial and graphic design, Jessica is the founder of DesignPod Studio. She has worked with Vitamix® and Hasbro NERF®, and spent six years leading design and marketing at Mace®.

Sue Glader 


Sue believes successful communication should be enjoyed, not endured. As a freelance copywriter since graduating from Stanford mumble years ago, she’s strategized and written for folks from GE to Samsung to The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Alain Burrese 


Alain served as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne and as a sniper instructor with the 2nd Infantry. He holds both business and law degrees from the University of Montana. His most recent of nine books is Survive a Shooting.

Patrick Memoli 


Patrick’s 11 years with consumer packaged goods has focused on product development, scientific inquiry and research. As part of LightBox Laboratories since 2016, he formulated and commercialized sustainable, high-performance cleaning products.

Together we built Reflex Protect for you.