We created Reflex Protect® for families, workplaces and communities just like yours.


About Us

Reflex Protect® is a safety company that provides a non-lethal self-defense spray and violence response training for use at home and in the workplace. 

We offer a highly effective, yet non-violent alternative for violent situations.  

How We Began

In 1993, there was a mass shooting which occurred at co-founder, Joe Anderson’s former law firm Pettit & Martin at 101 California in San Francisco. 9 people lost their lives, several of whom were my friends and former colleagues. He was shocked, in a state of disbelief and asking himself why?

In the following years, he watched as Columbine, Sandy Hook and The Pulse Nightclub all occurred, each time finding himself not only wondering why, but what could we do about it? 

He soon realized that the whole national conversation was focused on guns vs. no guns, and what we really needed to be talking about was the bigger picture of violence and how to respond to it. 

That’s why we created Reflex Protect®, a safety company dedicated to providing highly effective non-lethal products and training for the home and workplace.

Meet the Founders

steve mangold reflex protect image

Steve Mangold

joe anderson reflex

Joe Anderson

In 2016 Joe met his business partner, Steve Mangold, who despite being a member of the NRA, had a passion to see his invention for unique spray head device used as a non-lethal alternative to firearms. Even though we had otherwise utterly divergent views about many subjects we found a point of common reference in the certain knowledge that certain threats of violence could be addressed in non-violent ways.  

Together we built Reflex Protect® for you.