Reflex Protect® is the new less-lethal option for Law Enforcement everywhere.

Giving law enforcement new tools to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Revolutionary New Less-lethal for Law Enforcement

With ECD use becoming more and more restrictive, and the reluctance/inability to use OC spray due to cross contamination problems, many officers are finding themselves resorting to hands-on use-of-force when faced with escalating and dangerous situations. Until now, there were no appropriate less-lethal alternatives to cover the use of force gap.

Presidia Gel® 

Presidia Gel® was designed for use in hospital emergency departments.

It is non-atomizing, instantly causes debilitating pain, and causes uncontrolled closure of the eyes. 

Presidia Gel® sprays in a tight stream, can be used indoors, and only affects the person sprayed.

Presidia Gel® vs. OC

Presidia Gel®

OC "Pepper" Sprays

Chemical Components

CS (chlorobenzalmalononitrile) is the active ingredient concentrated in non-atomizing proprietary gel.

OC (oleoresin capsicum) is the active ingredient in OC or Pepper sprays and is commonly deployed by atomization.

Does not displace oxygen, safe to use with electronic restraint devices, electronic control device, etc.

Effects on Subject

Faster debilitation of subject. Does not have the lag time of OC.

Slower debilitation due to lag time before full effect.

Affects sensitive tissue and mucus membranes (e.g. eyes, nose, mouth) through direct contact. Produces extreme pain in eyes and a possible sensation of respiratory distress if contacts mouth or nose.

Causes burning sensations anywhere on the body, especially the eyes, and in the respiratory system. Involuntary closure of the eyes typically occurs with delayed onset.

Presidia Gel®/CS is a Lachrymator that causes involuntary eye closure.

Target Specific

Designed to be target specific and can not be thrown back at the officer.

Sprays affect entire area.

Sprays in a tight stream.

Creates a cloud of fine particulate.

Since it does not atomize, there is no cross contamination or contamination from transporting a sprayed suspect.

Contaminates everything in the area, LEOs, furniture, HVAC systems, and innocent bystanders.

Sticks to the skin with little to no side-splatter. Cannot be removed by the target wiping it away.

Alternative OC Gels and Foams are commonly removed by the target, and in some cases thrown back at the individual who deployed it.

Ideal for cell extractions as no cross-contamination when sprayed inside.

Often CERT teams have to mask up before spraying during cell extractions.

Can be used inside a vehicle.

Contaminates entire vehicle and all occupants.

Recovery Time

Extremely fast recovery time with Reflex Remove™ decontaminate which allows for faster transportation times.

Lengthy recovery time resulting in more time spent decontaminating before transportation.

Minimal time lost decontaminating surfaces or areas.

Considerable lost time decontaminating areas and surfaces.

Impact on Surroundings

Non-atomizing and has a much faster dissipation rate than OC, making it ideal for any environment.

Dissipates slowly and has a long contamination period. Atomization can easily cross-contaminate bystanders and the surrounding environment long after deployment.

1.9 Ounce Individual Size

Same size as MK III. Will fit in existing MK III OC pouch.

MK III and other OC sprays come in this size.

5 Ounce Size

Larger size for Specialty teams such as SWAT, SRT, CERT, and Supervisors.

OC sprays come in various larger sizes.

Patented Pistol Style Spray Head.

Also available on Defense Technology's MK 9.

Holster Available specifically for the 5 ounce Presidia Gel® by Reflex Protect®.

Reflex Remove™ 

Reflex Remove™ (NCS Fast) is the first, and only, fast acting decontaminate that will reverse the effects of Presidia Gel®. 

It works in minutes and can also be used to decontaminate surfaces and equipment. 

This revolutionary new product works in the field without additional water to decontaminate suspects, surfaces, and equipment.

Watch Reflex Remove™ in action.


The Reflex Protect® Solution

When these affordable products are deployed in unison, officers have a highly effective defensive spray that is target specific, doesn’t cross contaminate, and is easily decontaminated. This eliminates the contamination of assisting officers, indoor environments, innocent bystanders, and police equipment, saving both time and resources. 

Presidia Gel® fills the growing gap where officers are reluctant to use OC, and ECD is not justified. It prevents injuries from “going hands-on,” and reduces time spent decontaminating suspects, assisting officers, and equipment. The Reflex Protect® solution provides officers a working less-lethal spray that keeps them safe and allows them to quickly return to duty. 

No other defense spray takes effect faster. For decontamination and clean up, Reflex Remove™ acts quicker than any other decontamination solution on the market; usually in 10 minutes or less. Reflex Protect® increases officer safety, decreases suspect injuries when officers use less lethal force options faster and allows suspect to have no long lasting effects.

Empower your department with the best tool on the market for less-lethal.

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Need a T & E Kit for your department?

Need Training? Reflex Protect® is proud to announce that Matt Schaefer and Tactical Defense Training provide POST certified training incorporating Reflex Protect®’s Presidia Gel® and Reflex Remove™. Please contact for a custom quote for training for your department or organization.