Reflex Remove (CS Decontaminate Aerosol)

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  • Decontaminate in less than 5 minutes: Reflex Remove is the patent-pending CS decontaminant proven to neutralize, clean, and soothe quickly and safely. Law enforcement and military professionals, experienced in the lingering after effects of pepper spray and tear gas, have dubbed Reflex Remove their “new best friend” after field testing.
  • Relief: Soothing relief begins quickly, and subjects can function within 2 minutes. On average, subjects feel only minimal effects by 5 minutes and recover fully within 15.
  • Decontaminate: Make sure surfaces are free of residual CS safely and quickly. Especially useful for indoor locations and high-use areas. Full decon also prevents “reactivation” commonly experienced with other sprays and decontaminants.

Please contact us at for this product's Safety Data Sheet.

NOTE: This product is only sold to institutional customers within education, healthcare, houses of worship, law enforcement and government agencies. For more information, please email and a sales representative will contact you.

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