Read actual experiences from customers.

"I arrive at work around 4:45 AM and recently have felt very uncomfortable walking into work that when I saw the announcement of Missoula using this product in our schools and Shawn telling me that it’s available for St. Patrick Hospital employees to purchase – I knew in an instant that I would not be afraid to park on campus and walk into work in the wee hours of the morning with such a great product. (I had just been thinking of going to local shops to see about buying some bear spray.)"

Connie McLaughlin, Nurse

"My experience [getting sprayed] was terrible. Once the onset came I couldn’t see anything and I couldn’t open my eyes. They had something for me to read, but due to the spray, I couldn’t even open my eyes. And then, as it ran down my face, it made itdifficult to breathe. …Those were the two main symptoms. The desire for me to do anything after my face getting sprayed? There was no desire to do anything… I was sprayed by OC [pepper spray] about a year ago, and it was similar: across the forehead,and then it dripped down, but it didn’t affect me as much as this product [Reflex Protect] did. This one definitely had more pain in the eyes and breathing problems, too. I was able to do activities after the OC spray, but not this. … it helped a lot[NCSFast]. My experience with OC spray is that is lasted four (4) hours, the pain, like kind of a sunburn feeling for a couple of hours. But now, I think it’s been about twenty (20) minutes since getting sprayed, and my face doesn’t even hurt anymore. …within in a minute it was probably from a 10 to a 5 on the pain scale, and then it decreased thereafter."

Sam Stricker, Parole Officer

"As a healthcare physical security professional, it is my responsibility to provide a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors. To address the alarming statistic that healthcare workers are the number one victims of workplace violence, I needed a simple yet effective non-lethal defense tool, which all healthcare workers could access to protect themselves and others from threats or acts of physical violence. Reflex Protect is the solution I was looking for! Easy to use, accurate, effective stopping power, no cross contamination and no contamination of the physical environment.  The inert practice spray has been a critical component of training, helping staff to be comfortable with using the product."

Shawn Paul, Providence St. Joseph Health, Western Montana Service Area, Director Safety, Security & Environment of Care

"I loved the product. I thought it was great. I thought the delivery was fantastic and I was able to continually hit the target, which, that’s really the value in it. It disabled him [the attacker] very quickly. …I did feel some drip on my hand, but I don’t think I would even equate it to a sunburn. But with the decontaminate, it came off easily, and the other effect was sneezing. Not a big deal. …I don’t think it’s something that if they [kids] were to get their hands on it, I don’t think it would be a big deal. It’s not the end of the world. I appreciated that I had the chance to use the demo. After that it was easy."

Karen Regan, Mother

"Seriously my whole family loves your product. My wife and kids trained with the inert Reflex Protect Can and now we have one can in each car and one in a central place in the house and now we feel safe locking our guns away into the safe. Thank you!”

Ryan Duarte, CEO & Entrepreneur