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For Healthcare, Office or Wherever You Work, Worship or Play

Does your organization need better protection?

Do you want to protect your workers without lethal force and the ability to quickly return the workplace to its normal routine?

Reflex Protect is the safe, non-lethal solution to your security needs in your workplace, school or facility. We provide your organization with Reflex Protect products, inert canisters, and training to help empower your workers to feel safe and secure. 

Our products use Presidia Gel (CS) to incapacitate the attacker upon contact, sprays accurately 18 - 20 feet, and shoots in a tight stream, eliminating blow-back. Temporary blindness and intense pain within moments of use debilitates the attacker, giving you time to escape and get help. 

Due to the “sticky” nature of Presidia Gel, there is little risk of cross-contamination to an innocent person or the surrounding environment. Presidia Gel has a fast dissipation rate (about 15 minutes), making it ideal for workplace use. The product is not pepper spray. It contains the active ingredient in tear gas (CS) in a special formula that sticks to what it hits.

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Presidia Gel

OC "Pepper" Sprays

Chemical Components

CS (chlorobenzalmalononitrile) is the active ingredient concentrated in non-atomizing proprietary gel.

OC (oleoresin capsicum) is the active ingredient in OC or Pepper sprays and is commonly deployed by atomization.

Effects on Subject

Faster debilitation of subject. Does not have the lag time of OC.

Slower debilitation due to lag time before full effect.

Affects sensitive tissue and mucus membranes (e.g. eyes, nose, mouth) through direct contact. Produces extreme pain in eyes and a possible sensation of respiratory distress if contacts mouth or nose.

Causes burning sensations anywhere on the body, especially the eyes, and in the respiratory system. Involuntary closure of the eyes typically occurs with delayed onset.

Presidia Gel/CS is a Lachrymator that causes involuntary eye closure.

Target Specific

Designed to be target specific.

Sprays affect entire area.

Sprays in a tight stream.

Creates a cloud of fine particulate.

Since it does not atomize, there is no contamination of the user, bystanders, surfaces, or HVAC.

Contaminates everything in the area, users, furniture, HVAC systems, and innocent bystanders.

Sticks to the skin with little to no side-splatter. Cannot be removed by the target wiping it away.

Alternative OC Gels and Foams are commonly removed by the target, and in some cases thrown back at the individual who deployed it.

Can be used inside a vehicle.

Contaminates entire vehicle and all occupants.

Recovery Time

Extremely fast recovery time with Reflex Remove decontaminate.

Lengthy recovery time.

Minimal time lost decontaminating surfaces or areas.

Considerable lost time decontaminating areas and surfaces.

Impact on Surroundings

Non-atomizing and has a much faster dissipation rate than OC, making it ideal for any environment.

Dissipates slowly and has a long contamination period. Atomization can easily cross-contaminate bystanders and the surrounding environment long after deployment.

1.9 Ounce Individual Size

Ideal for a pocket, bag, pack, or purse.

OC sprays come in this size.

5 Ounce Size

Larger size for Specialty areas such as behind a counter, in a cabinet, or in a desk drawer. A docking bracket also available for this size.

OC sprays come in various larger sizes.

Patented intuitive, easy to use Spray Head.

Also available on Defense Technology's MK 9.

Holster Available specifically for the 5 ounce Presidia Gel by Reflex Protect.

Reflex Protect successfully helps Olympia hospital

Discover how Reflex Protect helped hospital staff with a patient brandishing a weapon.   

The Reflex Protect Difference 

safe to use

Effective and Accurate

The combination of our intuitive, patented spray head and Presidia Gel (CS), often used for riot control and by police, makes Reflex Protect the most effective non-lethal self-defense solution on the market.

easy to use

Committed to Safety

While most pepper spray products have a single safety, we have two. In addition, the patented design of our safety makes it far less likely for the product to be accidentally deployed.

easy to use

Presidia Gel

Unlike conventional pepper sprays, Reflex Protect uses Presidia Gel (CS) that sticks to what it hits and won't affect someone who has not had direct contact with the product, meaning there is little risk of cross-contamination to an innocent person or the surrounding environment.

Complete Solution

At Reflex Protect, we know that a self-defense product is only as effective as its users' faith in it and their ability to deploy it. We offer a total solution including not only the installation of a revolutionary product but also safety policy implementation assistance and extensive user training and certification.

Watch threats easily be taken down.


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