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Reflex Protect's™ effective stopping power provides peace of mind in your school.

Finally, the solution to the “Arm the Teachers” debate.

You install and train staff in the use of fire extinguishers to provide them with a tool to respond to the threat of fire in the first few moments before the fire department can arrive. Now and for the first time, there is a similar tool and training for non-security staff to rely on at the first signs of potential violence or as part of an organized armed intruder response policy. Reflex Protect is a violence extinguisher. It's not a magic wand, and it doesn't purport to solve the underlying problem of violence in society. Rather, it's a purpose built defensive tool to help deter, delay, and defend against violence, better than improvised weapons, and without expecting educators to carry lethal weapons.

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safe to use

Non-Lethal CS Gel

Powerful irritant affects only sensitive tissue and mucous membranes (e.g. nose, mouth,and eyes). Fast dissipation rate makes CS Gel ideal for indoor and institutional use, unlike traditional pepper sprays.Thickened gel formula sticks to the skin with little-to-no sides platter, mitigating collateral effect.

easy to use

Grab & Shoot Grip

Most accurate chemical agent spray available anywhere.Intuitive and easy to use.Extremely fast-acting.

easy to use

Easy Cleanup

NCS Fast, our specially formulated cleaning solution neutralizes chemical contaminants quickly, cleans skin and affected areas thoroughly, and soothes burning eyes, skin and mucous membranes gently.

Watch threats easily be taken down.


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Your teachers and staff are your first line of defense.

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