Reflex Remove (CS Decontaminate Solution)

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  • Decontaminate: Take the guesswork out of whether or not the area is free of Reflex Protect with Reflex Remove, our proprietary decontaminate that cleans up Reflex Protect safely and quickly.
  • Safety for All: The goal of Reflex Protect is to return your home or workplace back to normal as quickly as possible. With Reflex Remove, you are able to provide relief after disabling a violent situation.
  • Collateral Damage: In the very low chance of a bystander experiencing the effects of Reflex Protect, Reflex Remove was created to provide relief to any and all affected by our CS Gel.
  • Relief: Reflex Remove offers the relief from CS gel that no other decontaminate can provide. Within five (5) minutes, those who have been affected claim to feel 50% of the initial effects.
  • Towels and instructions for Reflex Remove are also included.

Please contact us at for this product's Safety Data Sheet.

NOTE: This product is only sold to institutional customers within education, healthcare, houses of worship, law enforcement and government agencies. For more information, please email and a sales representative will contact you.

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