The ecosystem that creates industry

November 02, 2018

The ecosystem that creates industry

This article was first published on Goodworks Ventures

Goodworks Ventures’ latest investment…

We are proud to partner with Reflex Protect, a safety company that provides a non-lethal self-defense spray and violence response training for use at home and in the workplace.  

Reflex Protects offer a highly effective yet non-violent alternative for violent situations at home, work, schools, medical centers, or just about anywhere else people are at risk.

In a world where we see acts of violence against race, religion, or beliefs and those under the influence of hard drugs who endanger others we believe there should be an intuitive and easy to use non-violent solution.

It all began over a local micro-brew…

Here in Missoula, we host a monthly networking event called Hellgate Venture Network, founded by Goodworks Ventures’ CEO, Dawn McGee, and Paul Gladen, director of the Blackstone Launchpad. HVN’s genesis was an event bringing entrepreneurs, local business-people, and community members together to meet, mingle, and explore potential opportunities.

The format is simple…

Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to present their company, lessons learned and current struggles to the community.  After having previously met future Reflex Protect CEO Joe Anderson at the famed HATCH Experience at Moonlight Basin, Paul invited him to participate in the LaunchPad, and when Joe joined forces with Steve Mangold, inventor of Reflex Protect’s  unique, patented spray head that is intuitive and easy to use – so much so, it mimics any household cleaning spray – the new company was created. Once Reflex went public at HVN gathering, Goodworks Ventures engaged with the company and ultimately made an investment.

More about the Reflex Protect Team…

Inventor Steve Mangold and CEO Joe Anderson co-founded Reflex Protect by building on their prior experience as both entrepreneurs and effective, non-lethal self-defense advocates. We’ve watched them take Reflex Protect from concept, design and patenting, through beta product, and ultimately bringing their technologically disruptive product to market. We are confident in their ability to execute at a high level and achieve not only monetary success, but to redefine success as “safety for all with non-lethal strategies.”

The technology……

The novelty in Reflex Protect lies in its patented, spray head that launches a highly accurate stream of proprietary Presidia Gel™ (CS) that sticks to what it hits and won’t affect someone who has not had direct contact with the product, minimizing the risk of contamination to an innocent person or the surrounding environment.

Further, the company developed a unique antidote product, Reflex Remove™, to neutralize the effects of any chemical agent spray (be it Presidia Gel or traditional pepper spray) much more quickly ( an average of 15 minutes reduced to two) than anything presently on the market.

Reflex Protect’s technology is uniquely intuitive and easy to use, effective in a host of situations, but even if misused or accidentally deployed, Reflex Remove promptly returns affected people and areas to normal.

Find out more…

You are invited to learn more about Reflex Protect here and its non-lethal self-defense spray and violence response training for use at home and in the workplace.

Find out more about the Hellgate Venture Network and sign up for their monthly newsletter here.

And if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for your next steps, check out the Blackstone Launchpad here.

 And if you would like more information about Goodworks Ventures, please feel free to visit us here.

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