Seeing is Believing, Including Bystanders

July 21, 2020

Seeing is Believing, Including Bystanders

Last week, we reported how a properly trained law enforcement officer chose to use Reflex Protect to resolve a possibly violent situation.  This week, we add a recent citizen’s experience.

To review, last week we told you about Officer Marchionda of the Sebring, Ohio, police department, who was recently trained on using Reflex Protect®, responded to a potentially violent domestic dispute on the 4th of July.  Facing an inebriated man with a size and strength advantage over him, after repeated verbal commands failed, the officer used a single 2-second blast of Presidia Gel® from six feet away to immediately disorient him.  Once cuffed by back-up officers, Reflex RemoveTM was used to neutralize the effects on the subject. 


“The last time I deployed a chemical agent aerosol was OC spray and there was significant cross-contamination that day; but not enough to incapacitate myself, my chief or the fire department personnel on scene.  It was a relief being able to deploy a chemical agent that didn't significantly affect everyone else.  I am very pleased the only person disoriented by the Presidia Gel was the subject.  All officers on scene were able to return to full duty immediately following the call.”

– Officer Marchionda, SPD, Northeast Ohio  


At the end of last week we got news of a citizen neutralizing a threat simply by showing his canister of Reflex Protect® at home.  This is a case of one of our workplace customers choosing Reflex Protect for his home security.  When an intruder came into his property during the day, Shawn pointed his 5 oz. canister of Presidia Gel® and let the intruder know he would use it if he didn’t get face down on the lawn.  Suffice it to say, the intruder was held at bay, spread eagle some distance away from Shawn, until law enforcement arrived.


“I didn’t need to spray him. When he heard and saw I had the ability to spray him and protect myself and family, he gave up."

– Shawn Paul, Missoula, Montana 


While we are thrilled at the success of the use of our products, for our investors, we point out how both of these situations created add-on believers in the product.

The back-up officers for Officer Marchionda were so impressed by our products that they are using their own personal uniform allowance to purchase Reflex Protect®, rather than waiting for the department to complete a full product vetting process. 

In Shawn’s case, not unsurprisingly, his neighbors wanted to know what he used so effectively on his intruder.  Shawn replenished his supply with some neighbors in mind, and we began receiving direct orders from houses on his street and block that same day!

Both successful deterrence and deployment will be repeated over and over and over again as Reflex Protect® is recognized as the upgrade to pepper spray for LE and a whole new solution for everyone else.  To resolve potentially violent situations without long-term suffering for anyone is a cause everyone can get behind.  

Join the movement today.

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