Republic Investor Campaign 2020: Report From Our CEO

June 02, 2020

Republic Investor Campaign 2020: Report From Our CEO

Check out Joe Anderson’s brand new video Message to Investors below as well as Republic’s new Superhero Founder’s Story about him below.


Check out Joe’s Superhero Founder’s Story:

Joe Anderson, Reflex Protect
Balancing the “Ambicognitive”


What inspired you to found Reflex Protect®?

I grew up on a cattle ranch my great-grandfather homesteaded on the Alberta, Canada border of Montana before it was a state. It’s one of the most remote parts of the lower-48, and I graduated from a public high school with just 48 others students. I was always a little different, I suppose, evidenced by me becoming the world-wide President of Key Club International in 1982-83, despite coming from such an out-of-the-way place.  

I went on to graduate from Stanford University, majoring in Political Science with honors in the Strategic Weapons Management track (supervised by such luminaries as future Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice), after which I received a JD from Georgetown.  I returned to San Francisco to work at Pettit & Martin, but after the 101 California Shooting, I changed direction completely, first joining a rock band, August West, and then starting my own entertainment law firm and becoming the Professor of Entertainment Law at the dawn of the digital age.

My entrepreneurial career began in response to my personal trauma losing colleagues and friends in the 1993 101 California Shooting in San Francisco.  When my co-founder, inventor Steve Mangold, placed a prototype of what would become Reflex Protect in my hands, suggesting that he needed help in developing it as an alternative to a loaded gun in a nightstand drawer, I knew instantly I was looking at the next step of my entrepreneurial journey.

Read Full Interview Here

Also, link to our free Reflex Protect® eBook providing you with important safety tips useful wherever you live, work, worship, or play.



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