July 28, 2020


Our Republic raise is coming to an end. During the past four months, we’ve shared how Reflex Protect is negotiating our way through both a tremendous period of company change and growth.

Our unique product – that solves an incredibly timely need – continues to pay off for us. The opportunity in the law enforcement field alone should excite all Republic investors.

Why? Every cop who experiences the speed and precision of Presidia Gel® and Reflex Remove™ wants to replace their standard issue pepper spray right then, right there. Many officers don’t even carry pepper spray on their belts because the potential to cause unacceptable collateral damage is too high and its effectiveness consistency too low. 


Move Over Pepper Spray

Their enthusiasm for Reflex Protect as “target specific, fast acting, and rapidly reversible” resulted in our new mantra for 2020:  Replace pepper spray on the duty belts of every officer in America. Give law enforcement officers a tool they want to use that causes no lasting harm.

We are acting to achieve this goal through concluding a series of Reflex Protect Tactical distribution deals (many with former Mace distributors) even as we write this last update, with expectations for rapidly increasing and sustaining revenues from the law enforcement market through the rest of 2020. Two distinct foreign markets (one military and one LE) will also complete testing and evaluation of our products in the coming weeks.

This priority increase in sales from the Tactical market will be supplemented by 4th quarter distribution deals in consumer retail (to add to our growing online presence), as well as by a return to our institutional business in schools and healthcare as things settle with Covid-19.


The Republic Rise

We are grateful to the nearly 700 Republic investors who have followed our campaign, more than half of whom have already committed to our mission and the solid value proposition of our company. We hope in these closing days to earn a similar commitment from the rest of you and encourage everyone to consider upping your investment, as the simple truth is that every day this campaign has gone on has been one in which the value proposition for Reflex Protect has increased and risk decreased.

Your enthusiastic comments, smart questions, and welcome ideas inspire our ongoing commitment to advocating for a world where we can create a better, more peaceful, and secure landscape for ourselves and our children.  We look forward keeping in touch with you after the campaign closes to discuss ways in which you can help with our mission, help increase the value of your own investment, and make our message of innovation in safety preparedness viral across the country and even the globe.

There are just a few days left to join us.  Help us to do good while we also help you do well!

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