Amidst the Rise of Gun Sales, a Revolutionary Non-Lethal Defense Option Exists

March 25, 2020

Reflex Protect®, offers a self-defense spray that empowers people to be their own first responder

(Missoula, Montana, March 25th, 2020). Sales of guns and ammunition are way up due to fears about Coronavirus. reported transactions are up 68%. People are living in fear of violence and looking for solutions, but not everyone feels comfortable owning a gun. Reflex Protect® offers a proven non-lethal, non-violent alternative. 

“Our Presidia Gel® is delivered through a patented technology spray head, that easily and accurately shoots the perpetrator up to 20 feet away and delivers a rapid onset of temporary blindness and pain, debilitating the attacker until help arrives,” says Joe Anderson, Co-Founder and President. “If you can use a spray cleaner you can use Reflex Protect,” he says. 

About Joe Anderson. In 1993 on a Thursday, just before 3pm, a gunman entered Joe Anderson’s former workplace in San Francisco and killed 9 of his friends and colleagues. For years all he could think about was “how can we stop this from ever happening again?” “When my friend Steve Mangold came to me with this product, I thought, “I wish this had been in the receptionist’s hands 25 years earlier; it might have changed everything.” Mangold and Anderson started Reflex Protect and developed a non-lethal solution that addresses violence, but in a non-violent way. “Our goal now is that every receptionist, front line worker, ER triage nurse and teacher can feel empowered and protected - without having to face the use of violent force,” says Anderson. Joe is available for interviews and to discuss:

  • Specific safety tips for home, work and public spaces
  • The “gun vs. no gun” safety debate in light of Coronavirus

For more information, visit or contact Karen Tiber Leland at (415) 260-4615, email:




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