Addressing the Demand from Law Enforcement and Corrections, Security, and Military Markets

July 07, 2020

Addressing the Demand from Law Enforcement and Corrections, Security, and Military Markets

Today we are thrilled to announce our commitment to working alongside law enforcement with a new company division, Reflex Protect Tactical. We are diligently working on a stand-alone website with its own branding and messaging for this important and timely new division for the company, that will also speak directly to those in corrections, security, and the military. 

What many of our civilian investors might not know is that police throughout the United States must go through mandatory training on a product before a department is ever allowed to purchase.  What’s more, officers must undergo re-training yearly on every piece of equipment they use.


The Tactical Trainers 

 For 20 years, Tactical Defense Training (TDT), in Canton, Ohio, has been a recognized leader in law enforcement and military training.  When we demonstrated Reflex Protect Presidia Gel® and Reflex Remove™ for them in person, they knew they were seeing the future of non-lethal force. “All the reasons cops don’t like using OC [pepper] spray simply do not exist with Reflex Protect,” explains Matt Schaefer, president of TDT.  “It is truly a game changer for law enforcement.”

We are proud to announce that TDT is now our strategic law enforcement training partner.  Our relationship with them ensures that Reflex Protect Tactical will be speaking the language of law enforcement, and they will be effectively training officers on how to limit injuries to everyone involved with our products. 


Our Military and LE Investors

We hear directly from many of our investors, and those who have local law enforcement experience or have served in branches of the military speak with great passion for our solution.  Jason Tarbet, for example, sent us this:

“As part of military training, I have been exposed to CS and am familiar with the effects of Mace.  Neither is easily or quickly diffused/removed and both have significant collateral impact.  At least 3 primary factors make Reflex Protect perfectly poised to lead the way to a better option at the perfect time in history:

1) A rise in public violence.

2) A need for non-lethal-but-effective deterrent options for law enforcement.

3) The need for good personal protection options particularly in an environment where job loss and resulting desperation may lead more people to consider crime as an option to survive. 

Reflex Protect not only provides an option which can be specifically targeted, minimizing if not eliminating collateral impacts, but also provides the method to diffuse the product as soon as is appropriate.  These factors make Reflex Protect's entrance to the market not only incredibly timely, but also the most humane. 

I am glad to get on board with this product and company.”


We’re glad you are on board as well, Jason.  Thank you!




Watch recent field tests from Tactical Defense Training (TDT) here. 

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