The Top 5 Self-Defense Blogs That You Should Be Following

February 13, 2019

The Top 5 Self-Defense Blogs That You Should Be Following

Have you ever taken a self-defense class or wanted to? Have you ever watched videos to learn more about increasing your personal safety?

If you have any questions at all regarding self-defense, these blogs can help you answer them.

Click the links below to check out Reflex Protect’s five favorite self-defense blogs.

Survive and Defend

"The principles, strategies, and tactics I teach regarding self-protection are designed to keep you safe and be prepared if an emergency situation happens. I want you to be healthy and enjoy life safely. Don't live in paranoia, but be confident and prepared."

This blog is an excellent resource for all things self-defense. Whether you are looking to learn about armed intruder resistance, situational awareness, or outdoor safety, this blog covers everything.


Grant Cunningham

"More importantly, I can teach you how to carry, use and practice with the knowledge and tools you’re actually going to have with you when a personal security crisis happens. I can help you to develop the skills you really need as a private citizen in a self defense or family protection situation, as opposed to those of a police officer or a soldier. The skills you need are different than what they need!"

Grant Cunningham does not claim to be a “tactical ninja,” and that’s what makes his blog so valuable. Cunningham provides great self-defense tips for all of us, no matter our walk of life.


Functional Self-Defense

"There is no magic in self defense or martial arts. There are no secret or ultimate techniques. And real skill in physical self defense requires not only techniques, but also functional training methods and strategies. You'll find comprehensive information on all of these elements here."

This blog focuses entirely on the importance of one’s own protection along with preventing injury to oneself when looking at self-defense techniques.


No Nonsense Self-Defense

"We take what we call the 'low impact approach' to personal safety. The object of this exercise is to improve the quality of your life, not degrade it. "

Have questions about property crime? Self-defense? Robbery? This blog has articles to answer any questions you may have about protecting yourself and your loved ones.


Toughen Up

"You need to think of self-defense as being synonymous with health."

When you read this blog, you will learn all about the psychology, health, and solutions behind self-defense.

Do you have a favorite self-defense blog? If so, share it in the comment section below!

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