Reflex Protect Healthcare 5 oz. CS Gel Unit

To order, call us toll free at 1 (844) 207-6389. 


  • Extreme stopping power: 5 oz CS Gel that incapacitates the attacker upon contact, sprays up to 15 feet, and shoots in a tight stream allowing for accuracy and eliminating wind blow-back.
  • Intuitive technology: Grab & Shoot™ Technology includes the Pistol-Style Spray-Head, making target acquisition second nature.
  • Dissipates quickly: CS Gel has a fast dissipation rate (about 15 minutes) making it ideal for hospital use.
  • Collateral damage: CS Gel affects only tissue and mucous membranes e.g. nose, mouth, and eyes, minimizing collateral damage. 
  • Sticks to its target: Due to the “sticky” nature of CS Gel, there is no concern of any type of “aerosol cloud.”

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