How it Works

3 simple steps to use Reflex Protect™

Step 1

Hold canister in two-hand grip with nozzle facing target.

step 2 for reflex protect

Step 2

Firmly press your index finger against the trigger block, allowing it to pop free.

step 3 reflex protect

Step 3

Push the thumb safety up and forward. Squeeze the trigger, aiming for the target’s eyes.

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Watch it in action.

safe to use


Unlike conventional pepper sprays, Reflex Protect uses CS Gel, a thickened formula designed to be target specific. It sticks to the skin with little to no side splatter, only affecting sensitive tissues and mucous membranes (e.g. eyes, nose, mouth) and has a fast dissipation rate of about 15 minutes.

easy to use

Easy to Use

Our patented Pistol Style Spray Head is intuitive and easy to use. Just grab and shoot. Reflex Protect™ CS Gel causes an intense burning sensation, tearing of the eyes, and temporary blindness, as well as a burning irritation of the nose, mouth, and throat mucous membranes causing difficulty breathing, nasal discharge, and debilitating disorientation of the subject.



Our patented Pistol Style Spray Head fires a focused stream of debilitating CS Gel with best in class accuracy, eliminating our competitors’ toxic pepper spray cloud that contaminates the air and often hits you as well.



2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile is the defining component of a tear gas commonly referred to as CS gas, frequently used in Europe for riot control and more often by professional police and security forces than the general public.

We love that you don’t want to endanger others or cause permanent damage.

Use the safest and most accurate self-defense spray.


Reflex Protect™ is intuitive and easy to operate. Knowing when to rely on it, however, is another matter, as sometimes running away might be a better decision, among other options. Likewise, practice in accessing and using your Reflex Protect™ will help make you safer. 

To make sure all our customers, from staff in a busy workplace to someone who wants to feel safer at home, are brought as much peace of mind as possible by Reflex Protect™, we offer a host of instruction and training services through Reflex Defense. We welcome you to share your non-lethal self-defense experience with us as well at our Facebook page.

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