Reflex Protect 5oz

Reflex Red Storm, LLC


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This product usually ships in 3-5 business days.

  • Extreme Stopping Power: 5 oz Presidia Gel (CS) that incapacitates the attacker upon contact, sprays up to 15 feet, and shoots in a tight stream allowing for accuracy and eliminating wind blow-back.
  • Intuitive Technology: Revolutionary new design for the deployment of a trusted and highly effective disabling agent, Presidia Gel, used by police officers and for riot control.
  • Dissipates Quickly: Presidia Gel has a fast dissipation rate (about 15 minutes) making it ideal for hospital use.
  • Collateral Damage: Temporary blindness and intense pain within moments of use debilitates the attacker, giving you time to escape and get help. Our cutting-edge Reflex Remove decontaminate neutralizes and begins reversing the effects of Presidia Gel in a fraction of the time required for traditional pepper sprays.
  • Sticks to Its Target: Due to the “sticky” nature of Presidia Gel (CS), there is little risk of cross-contamination to an innocent person or the surrounding environment.

 *Product is currently not available for shipment due to state regulations in: California, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Portland, Oregon, and South Carolina.

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